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They successfully carried out embryo transfer in sheep

First experience of transferring Doper, Charollais and Assaf breeds carried out in Barquisimeto

Roberto Lugo, president of the National Association of Dairy Goat Breeders (Asocabras) reported that they achieved the transfer of embryos into sheep; collecting 36 embryos of which 24 of them were transferred to recipient cross-breed sheep mothers, and another 12 were frozen.

This is the first experience of transferring Doper, Charollais and Assaf breeds, which was sponsored by the Mayor's Office of the Iribarren Municipality (Barquisimeto), through the company Abastecer and within the framework of the 2024 International Sheep and Goat Fair. since May 29, at the Bicentenario fair complex in Barquisimeto, capital of the Lara state.

Lugo, who also directs the El Triunfo production unit, explained that such a procedure was achieved through reproductive technology work in the sheep species.

He specified that it was necessary to wash five female sheep that complied with a super ovulation protocol as provided for in the genetic plan promoted by the local Executive.

Lugo indicated that together with the private company, the Iribarrense Executive has been carrying out articulated work, with the aim of improving the herds and the production of sheep meat in these very important breeds; Regarding the experience, he said that they expect the results in five months to have top quality animals.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sergio Nadal explained that the donors were inseminated days before the embryo collection procedure, estimating that “we hope to achieve an average of 60% pregnancy embryos, in fresh embryos; and 40% to 50% pregnancy, in frozen ones”, as highlighted in an institutional bulletin.

For his part, Fidel Oropeza, president of Abastecer, stressed: “We dare to say that it is the first time that a Mayor's Office has carried out this kind of work in sheep and goat matters.”

Ensuring, also, that it will allow progress in the Municipal Herd Improvement Plan, the same one created by the Iribar mayor Luis Jonás Reyes. 

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