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Review of the 1×10 in Lara strengthens the vote for 28J

The Bolivarian forces demonstrated in each of the 58 parishes of the entity

The militants and sympathizers of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) in the state of Lara, specifically, the grassroots structures made up of the street leaders, organized various activities to review the 1×10 method in view of the elections. presidential elections on July 28.

The national 1×10” review day also served so that neighbors could share within each of the street structures in the nine municipalities that make up the Larense entity.

The members of the Great Patriotic Pole parties also joined the activity in coordination with the political fabric of the Psuv Lara bases.

In each of the nine municipalities, house-to-house visits, walks, community sancochos, and songs were carried out, so that the national sentiment for the defense of Venezuelan sovereignty with participation in the upcoming presidential elections could be appreciated.

The Bolivarian forces demonstrated in each of the 58 parishes of the Larense geography, concretizing the union of effort and the recognition of the leading participation of the people, as highlighted by Iraida Rojas, a resident of the Atapaima III urbanization of the Hugo Chávez Battle Unit “Simón Rodríguez” from the José Gregorio Bastidas parish.

Eglé Pacheco, a member of the Future Movement in the Palavecino municipality (Cabudare), reported that this Sunday, June 9, they joined in the activity by creating a mural at the height of the Barquisimeto-Acarigua intercommunal in the Maximino Rojas community. He said that in the activity they had the participation of the Minister of Culture, journalist Ernesto Villegas Poljak, with whom they also toured the La Montañita sector in a casa pot casa, closing with a community sancocho.

For her part, Migdalys Querales, head of Ubch of the Zanjón Colorado community, estimated the importance of voting to maintain social peace and tranquility in the Palavecino municipality, where she recalled that they were victims of strong guarimbas that destroyed many public spaces and service infrastructure. . “We must continue working together to defend participatory and Bolivarian democracy,” she exclaimed.

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