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Laren women gathered in support of Maduro

Bolívar Square in Barquisimeto was the concentration point for women

Women from the various municipalities of the state of Lara (Barquisimeto) gathered in Bolívar Square in the capital of Lara, from where they publicly expressed their support for President Nicolás Maduro for his re-election, on July 28.

In the midst of an atmosphere of joy and cultural sharing, they expressed that “Maduro symbolizes the peace, joy and strength of the Venezuelan woman who gets up every day to work and build the country.”

They also highlighted that during the time of “guarimbas carried out by right-wing groups throughout the country; Thank goodness they had a loving, working-class president who restored peace and harmony among all Venezuelans.”

They appreciated the qualities of “being the son of Hugo Chávez”, also that “Maduro has known how to lead actions to protect the Venezuelan people and maintain the economic stability from which he has been progressively leaving, in the face of the coercive measures imposed by the North American government.” added Raiza Moreno, community radio producer from the Palavecino municipality (Cabudare).

For her part, Teresa Linarez, a leader from Barquisimetana, called on all Lara women to defend the spaces that the Bolivarian Revolution has created for the direct benefit of their health, recreation, legal defense and social stimulation; where the family is the center of attention to continue building the country. Linarez closed her reflection by exclaiming that: “With the vote of the Larense woman, Maduro wins again.”

Upon arrival at Plaza Bolívar, the site of the concentration of women from Lara, located on Carrera 17 on the corner of Calle 25, the women from the town of Simón Planas (Sarare), mostly community members, were singing a cappella the phrase: “I'm going to “mi gallo pinto” suggesting that they are on the winner list.

On the other hand, Greicys Barrios Prada, liaison of the Great Venezuela Women's Mission (GMVM) in the entity, estimated the importance of the unity that all women's social movements, the parties of the revolutionary forces, sympathizers, professionals, technicians have shown. , housewives, homes of the Homeland, women's cultural groups, singers and other grassroots organizations where women fulfill their political and social role.

The Vice Minister of Gender Equality and Non-discrimination, Luis Laya, accompanied the anti-imperialist forum in Barquisimeto, as did Yngris Viez, president of the Feminist School (Femsur), sharing debates with the state and municipal liaisons of the women's sector in the entity.

The protesters assured the current deployment, in the nine municipalities of Lara, building the victory of the current President Nicolás Maduro for his next period of government, which is defined on July 28 of the current year.

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