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The Filven in Lara stimulates the love of books

The event takes place at the "Pío Tamayo" public library and ends on Sunday, May 26

Until Sunday, May 26, the International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven) will be open to the public, at the “Pío Tamayo” public library in the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), from nine to five in the afternoon.

During the nineteenth edition of Filven in Lara, inaugurated last Thursday, May 23 by the Ministry of Culture, led by Minister Ernesto Villegas, tribute is paid to the cultural career and national influence of Bernardo Yépez and Dexy Rodríguez .

There were 14 editorial representatives at the event, one of them being Valentina Vadell, who referred to the fact that it was a meeting point for the rescue of reading.

Vadell extended the invitation to all Laren residents with the aim of entering the wonderful world of reading, describing it as “a tool of struggle that should prevail in both children and adults.”

The oral narrator María Alejandra González said that it is an opportunity to share knowledge and knowledge, “on this occasion, visitors to Filven will be able to learn about an infinite number of books and also connect with the word,” she pointed out.

For his part, the governor of Lara state, Adolfo Pereira, stated that the book fair is part of the Great Mission Venezuela Mi Patria Querida, recently created by President Nicolás Maduro.

Learn more about the “Pío Tamayo” library

In relation to the regular public that visits the “Pío Tamayo” library, he explained that so far in 2024, some 12.638 people have visited some of the rooms, demonstrating that “technology has not put an end to the love of books.”

Jacqueline Bello, director of the aforementioned public library, reported another aspect that stands out at the 2024 book fair for the enjoyment and knowledge of users, it is the restoration of the only book written by Pío Tamayo, titled: “Limber arrives in Venezuela ”, a writing that, due to the number of years, was deteriorated.

For his part, Jorge Berroeta, director of the National Public Library, during his visit to Barquisimeto, said that digital is a challenge but it is still necessary to consult books, also illustrating that, within books, there are teachings.

He called on library users to preserve the texts since “they constitute literary archives of our history, without it we would not have been able to defend and claim the Essequibo territory. Our written history tells us that it belongs to us,” said Berroeta.

Next, he described the Lara state as “the town of culture, of knowledge, of literature. In the book we find the knowledge, the legacy and it is available to everyone” he added.

Video story teaching

Members of the Zuaas laboratory, a short narrative literary collective, gave the workshop: “The video story as an instrument for telling collective stories”, this Friday, May 24.

Young students from high schools and colleges gathered in the Humanities Room, who were motivated to read and write, as well as tell short and collective stories through a format that the Zuaas community experiences, called “video books.”

During the activity, participants explored the process of technological literacy as a way to encourage conscious reading in young people, as well as investigate the social identity and collective memory of the country through learning to read and write.

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