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Second Agro Tourism fair will be held in Lara

The event will be held from May 24 to 26 to commemorate the 246 years of the birth of its eponym G/D Juan Jacinto Lara

The people of Lara are preparing to commemorate the 246 years of the birth of their eponymous G/D Juan Jacinto Lara, on May 28 of the current year, inaugurating the second Agro Tourism fair from May 24 to 26, in the Juan Canelón complex, located east of the city of Barquisimeto.

In this regard, the governor of the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), Adolfo Pereira, highlighted that "this fair seeks to exalt the memory of the independence hero G/D Juan Jacinto Lara, honor his memory and exalt the example of the fight for the sovereignty of the nation."

The purpose of the meeting is to encourage agro-industrial production and strengthen the tourism sector.

There will be exhibitions on tourism promotion, agriculture and foreign trade. Each of the nine municipalities that make up the Larense entity will have a presence with its national and international potential within a heated tent. They will also have gastronomic and commercial areas.

The inauguration is scheduled for 10:00 am, on May 24, at the headquarters of the Juan Canelón Tourist and Agricultural Complex Foundation, and from the 25th to the 26th of the same month it will be open, with free admission, to locals and visitors from nine in the morning.

For coleus lovers, a championship will be held with awards for first, second and third place, according to Franklin Castrillo, president of the aforementioned foundation, who said that delegations from the 9 municipalities participate in the coleado bulls, in the free category, each with eight coleadores who will compete in the “Jacinto Lara Cup”

On the other hand, a motocross area, also a Tik Tok area and another for the Gran Misión Venezuela Mujer, plus a children's area.

According to Esthefany Ferry, sole tourism authority in Lara, the fair will boost the local economy and hotel occupancy, adding that it is time to praise local production.


It should be noted that prior to the scheduling of the second fair, in the aforementioned Coleus heat it was necessary to replace 275 meters of silica sand that serves for the performance and protection of the horses.

The bathrooms were also fixed and the lighting system was modernized to the LED system, with the change of 64 lamps located in the interior and exterior of the complex.

Another of the new aspects that the race acquired is that starting this year it has a warm-up field, considered the first in Venezuela, and it is very useful in the preparation of the horses before each competition.

Music billboard

It was learned that the musical programming during the second agro-tourism fair 2024 will take place on three days, after seven at night.

On the first day, Orquesta Latino Caribeña, Jesús Rojas, Mariachi Show 2000, Orquesta Vamos Cantando, Vallenato Bautracks will perform. On May 25, Yonny Torres (El mujerologo), María de los Ángeles Nieto, Elvis Jaime, Anderson Alvarado, Edson Pulido, Luis Colmenarez, Cheo Hernández Prisco, Jennifer Mora, Ignacio Rondón and Milena Benítez. And on the 26th of the same month, Grupo Wara, Banda VIP, Grupo Gama, Banda HMH and Guaracha Fest will be on stage.


In terms of security, 418 officials, 66 vehicles (cars and motorcycles), as well as three ambulances will be deployed during the aforementioned fair. Citizen Security Authorities and the Comprehensive Defense Zone (Zodi Lara) ensured patrolling on the access roads to the manga, such as the movement through the Northern Beltway and the Barquisimeto-Cabudare Intercommunal.

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