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22.278 high school graduates will graduate this year in the state of Lara

They received the 740.000 tax stamps for their titles

Some 23.800 high school graduates will graduate this year in the state of Lara, whose registration in the National Entry System (SNI) is assured in the 23 public and private universities available in the Lara state.

This Monday, June 24, the Center for the Development of Educational Quality of the Lara state (CDCE), together with the Government of the entity and the Decentralized Tax Administration Service of the Lara State (Saatel), held the stamp delivery ceremony and formats for titles to the country's future high school graduates, from eight parishes in the Iribarren municipality.

Eleamer Elkatrib, sole authority of Education in the state of Lara, stated that this year school enrollment increased with a total of 23.800 high school graduates, who in his opinion, lived up to the task and adapted to the “My House, One School” plan.

“Today the fruit of the work of the distance plan during the pandemic has materialized, and all of them have guaranteed their admission to a university. The only thing a high school graduate requires to register in the National Income System is his identity card and his final qualification, then he chooses his career, where we have strengthened the productive engines, devised through the Plan de la Patria because waiting for an assignment of quota, before it was very difficult; and since the revolution arrived that ended,” explained Elkatrib.

The 408 educational institutions in the state of Lara will graduate a total of 22.278 high school graduates, being established as follows: Iribarren 13.199; Jimenez 1354; Morán 1548; Crespo 595; Andrés Eloy Blanco 492; Palavecino 1562; Simón Planas 489; Urdaneta 804, Torres 2148 and additionally 87 students from Inces and Misión Sucre.

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