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Three tourist development zones declared in Lara

The second Agro Tourism fair opened in Lara

Lara already has three declared Tourist Development Zones, reported the Minister of Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, during his participation in the inauguration of the second Agro Tourism fair “G/D Juan Jacinto Lara”, this Friday, May 24, in the manga Juan Canelón, located east of the city of Barquisimeto.

In his welcoming words with the governor of the state of Lara, Adolfo Pereira, Padrón explained that the areas already declared in the entity correspond to the artisanal and tourist complex in Tintorero, the historic center of the town of Cubiro, both belonging to the Jiménez municipality (Quibor ), and third, the urban area of ​​Barquisimeto, corresponding to the town of Iribarren.

He assured that he was committed to tourism performance in the Larense entity, and highlighted its strategic geographical location, its diversity of climate, ecology, gastronomy, in addition to the cultural value and tourist attraction in each of the nine municipalities.

For his part, regarding the strengthening of the tourism sector, Pereira said that they will continue to focus on its growth and support for the benefit of the Larense population and visitors, seeking optimal services.

Show the potential

The mayor of the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto), Luis Jonás Reyes, described this fair as very important “because it allows tourism to be promoted, first of all, and in this way, Governor Pereira is committed to converting the state as a recurring destination for those who travel to the interior of the country” said Reyes Flores.

Various agro-industrial companies anchored in the town of Iribarren converge in the spaces, showing the potential and conditions for investment.

“We are betting on local production and economic growth, fulfilling the call of President Nicolás Maduro to activate the different engines of the economy,” the mayor stressed.

He reported that during the year 2024, the local economy has experienced interesting growth.

In this sense, he detailed growth in the food sector with the installation of large processing and packaging plants, attributing it to tax exemptions for companies.

He indicated that they will continue to adapt the city of Barquisimeto with service infrastructure and promote its potential at a national and international level.

More investment promotion

On the other hand, Mayor Reyes Flores recalled the upcoming sheep and goat fair, with the participation, for the first time, of international exhibitors from Barbados, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

The purpose is to boost productive activity in the town with the integration of 110 producers who will exhibit some 1600 animals, coming from different production units in Lara, as well as from fifteen entities in Venezuela.

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