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With organization and perseverance Fransilina Morles achieved her house

#Lara With his family he sealed the 5 millionth milestone of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission in the state of Lara

Fransilina Morles de Gómez, along with her husband and daughter, received the key to her apartment from the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who visited the “Che Guevara” urban development, located in the Palavecino municipality in the state of Lara ( Barquisimeto), and where he celebrated the delivery of the 5 millionth milestone of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission.

The family benefited on June 6 of this year from a comfortable apartment, in the urban planning already mentioned, which is made up of twelve towers, and which have been built by the Ministry of Housing and Habitat in coordination with the popular power, made up of the Venezuelan Living Committees, which are found throughout the national territory.

The beneficiary Fransilina Morles is a public accountant, graduated from the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (Ucla), and before her efforts to obtain housing with the public sector, she toured the private real estate sector in search of rentals in the state of Lara (Barquisimeto). .

At the end of the waiting time, organized to obtain their housing, they recognized the joint work of the popular power and the Ministry of Housing to continue making the construction of decent and safe spaces a reality, with the aim of guaranteeing the social right to have your own home to grow as a family and in society.

Regarding his experience, he expressed: “I am a faithful witness of the unrestricted support of the Venezuelan people for the Great Venezuela Housing Mission created by Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez, in 2012.”

Its history reflects part of the dynamics of a popular power consistent with the lines of the Bolivarian government with a humanist tendency and close to the people.

“In February 2012, I gave him a letter from President Chávez explaining my situation of eviction from the rented house where I lived and that I had nowhere to go, that I wanted to buy a small house but I couldn't earn enough to buy it in cash…” Morles recalled. , and immediately recounted with joy and amazement the call he received two months after that meeting with the President of the Republic at that time.

“He (President Hugo Chávez) called me at two in the morning; and he told me to stay calm because the new Tenancy Law that he had approved prohibited arbitrary eviction and that the records of each person who did not have housing would be channeled through Sunavih, who would register me. In this regard, Morles said that he did not remember the day of that guidance call from Chávez but assured that it was in April 2012, and it was the reason for his inspiration for the social struggle in favor of his own home.

Morles said she was proud as a mother, professional and living Venezuelan of her struggle for sixteen years in the communal organization “Che Guevara” that has its scope of action in the land located in the José Gregorio Bastidas parish in Palavecino (Cabudare) and in where the construction of 43 buildings with a total of four floors each is planned.

In this organization, 26 communal councils have converged since 2008, which occupied the aforementioned lands and had the freedom to integrate and register five years later as living Venezuelan, as provided for in the Law of the Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime.

He indicated that they have behaved perseveringly in the Bolivarian process devised by Commander Chávez, also pointing out that it was in 2017 when the construction of the first stage of urban planning began.

"I never lost hope and I was aware of its delay in the face of the onslaught of sanctions against our country, but we have continued forward, and now with Chávez's son, Nicolás Maduro, who is there, standing, saying next to us and We believe that for every sanction there is a solution,” he added.

For Morles, it was an honor to be the spokesperson for 240 families who received the keys to the 80 apartments in total in the second stage of Che Guevara.

He reported that they are already organized into a Multifamily Committee for each tower, with the purpose of meeting the requirements of common life both in the conservation of all spaces for social and individual enjoyment. He also specified that in politics, currently, "the country awaits us and President Nicolás needs us united and fighting," he added.

Morles, who was born in Portuguesa (Guanare) and raised in the Las Majaguas sector, came to the state of Lara thirty years ago, developing her professional, family and social development here.

She stated that just as she and the families recently benefited from housing, “the chain of hope of the construction of decent housing” will continue.

He explained that the Plan de la Patria 2019-2025 set the goal that each urban development built by the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV) must become an eco-socialist space that guarantees food sovereignty. And based on that goal, within Che Guevara there is the initiative promoted by the “Aristóbulo Istúriz” school and the Ribas Mission, entities in charge of environmental and agricultural training.

He explained that productive patios are operating, with the installation of four beds where lettuce and chives are being planted.

Morles is also an expression of Venezuelan entrepreneurs and the Great Venezuela Women Mission. For her dedication to the production of clinejas and mozarella cheese, in addition to cachapas, she was a beneficiary of a Credimujer, which allowed her to enhance her production and strengthen her unity. family production.

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