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Resources approved for health and social care works in Lara

The resources were approved by the State Council for Planning and Coordination of Public Policies (CEPCPP)

Contemplated in the five historical objectives of the Homeland Plan, the 5th ordinary session of the State Council for Planning and Coordination of Public Policies (CEPCPP) was held to approve 33.508.774,00 bolivars that make up the execution of nine projects in the region, thus reinforcing the 1×10 of Good Government.

The ratification of plans and projects was attended by the president of the council and governor Adolfo Pereira, the executive secretary of the CEPCPP, Belkis Gómez, the head of Planning and Budget of the governorate of Lara, Jordanis Carballo, mayors, counselors and popular power, refers to a press release from the Government of Lara.

“The State Council is developed with the idea of ​​transparently executing resources,” mentioned Governor Adolfo Pereira, when approving the amount for the recovery of the surgical area of ​​the “Don Felipe Ponte” outpatient clinic in Cabudare, in addition to the restoration of the spaces. from the Baudilio Lara type I hospital in Quíbor, Juan Bautista Rodríguez parish. Resources that will be settled through the Interterritorial Compensation Fund (FCI), among others.

Transfer to Communal Councils

In the same sense, an amount of 5.200.000 was approved for Communal Councils of the municipalities, Iribarren, Torres, Jiménez and Morán, through the Constitutional Site.

During the approval, the governor of Lara, Adolfo Pereira, communicated the recognition of popular power, “we are going to reinforce learning,” this is what he said when approving the extension of medium and low voltage lines in the Los Portones community of the Freítez parish, Crespo municipality.

For this reason, the Alma Mater Martin Luther King University signed an agreement with the Government of Lara to contribute to knowledge and to take advantage of resources, “we are going to give tools to communal power, it is an honor for us and we are fulfilling the political and social development ”said rector Jean Piero Yacobucci.

Finally, resources approved in the month of June were redirected in the amount of 23.967.735,00 and with them the sports field of the Tamaca parish will be rehabilitated, in addition to the Valle Dorado sports area of ​​the Ana Soto parish.

In the same sense, the need arose to build two Baseball Five fields, with the intention of strengthening the sports area, “we are going to continue advancing in different areas for the well-being of the people of Lara,” said Pereira.

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