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Province of China seeks to invest in La Guaira

Jiangxhi signed a letter of intent with the regional government and are interested in installing a water, mining and agriculture park

A letter of intent for cooperation between the province of Jiangxhi (China) and the state of La Guaira was signed this Monday by Governor José Alejandro Terán and the vice president of the Jiangxhi People's Assembly, Liu Qiang, as part of the agreements within the framework of development of the Special Economic Zone.

Cooperation between both cities will focus on social, human, political, economic and education; in the needs of raw materials for export from Venezuela and the advantages of the EEZ to enter the Latin American market, with the import of essential products for La Guaira.

Governor José Alejandro Terán indicated that he will also focus on science and technology and a cooperation agreement with the University of Jiangxhi. He pointed out that this first phase of the Special Economic Zone is to publicize La Guaira and its advantages in the tax and economic area and its qualified personnel.

He indicated that priority has been given to the areas of technology, science, port and airport, food and tourism. “Proposals have been received from private entrepreneurs to build a water park in La Guaira and now we are going to locate the land,” Terán said.

The representative of Jiangxhi, Liu Quiang, indicated that he is learning about the options that La Guaira offers to make investments, and found many aspects, including the water park, mining and agriculture, which are areas in which they are interested in cooperating and he underlined the tourism sector.

Jiangxhin has 45 million inhabitants and is a city with great industrial development with ecological criteria.

The Chinese delegation is made up of the vice president of the Jiangxhi People's Congress, Liu Qiang; Assembly Committee Secretary Yang Wenying; the director of the People's Congress Committee, Li Guoxing; the vice president of the Popular Assembly, Tu Anbo; and the director of the Labor committee, Wu Xi.

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