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The Vacation City Los Caracas recovers its splendor

The complex will be ready to receive visitors in the next holidays

A tour of the Los Caracas Vacation Complex was carried out by the team of Últimas Noticias; space that is being recovered by order of President Nicolás Maduro and that they estimate will open its doors for the next holiday season. Let us remember that the structures of this space were affected by the Vargas landslide in 1999 and the 2005 trough, and from there, year after year, they have worked for their recovery. There are more than 110 hectares rehabilitated between hotels, cabins, swimming pools and beaches. A modern capsule, a prototype of an apartment, was also installed. The Vacation City Los Caracas was built as a leper colony and later became a vacation city. Its construction was completed in December 1954, making it one of the most striking and emblematic tourist centers of the 50s.

The tour

We start with the camping area, a space of 17 square meters, with a capacity to house 250 tents. This area will have landscaping areas, toilets and recreational parks. From there we went to the Tibisay and Murachí hotels, structures that were completely restored.

Their facades were painted in green and white, and both rooms have 18 rooms, both double, individual and family. Each one has new bathrooms and mattresses; The stairs and handrails were also restored and the floor was changed to granite, preserving its original concept.

The cabins, which also have important architectural value, were restored. There are multi-family homes for groups of up to 25 people; They have bathrooms, kitchen, refrigerator, bedroom set, reception, dining room, grills, parking space. Likewise, there are cabins for smaller groups of 6 and 10 people. There are a total of 75 that were recovered with their equipment.

Service Areas

The Los Caracas Vacation City has a school, Caracara, which was recovered to receive the children of workers at the tourist complex and the residents of Caraballeda, Naiguatá, Quebrada Seca, among other neighboring areas.

The roof of this campus had fallen, but it now has new classrooms, bathrooms, a roof, and a park, benefiting boys and girls from nearby sectors: “This school has the capacity to serve 300 students. We have a library, six classrooms, dining room, kitchen, administrative area, court, and recreational games. We are truly very pleased and very happy about this new school that benefits our children,” said the school director Eddy García.

The civic center was also restored and will be converted into a minimarket with an area for events and a cinema. This space has new floors, wainscoting, paint, bathrooms, and a turn-of-the-century movie projector. Foosball, paddle tennis and tennis courts were built in its surroundings.

Another space that looks impeccable is the outpatient clinic. This was redesigned and rehabilitated with new friezes, toilets and paint. The space has a reception, consultation, X-ray, observation area, delivery room, hospitalization, life support room, among others.


During the tour we got the capsule. A prototype of an apartment brought from China that arrives to modernize Los Caracas. It is a 12 x 3 m model house, it has air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms, one double and one with bunk beds. This system is super practical and quick to assemble, they are waiting for others that will come to the country to be installed on the surfer beach of Los Caracas.

Other spaces that are being recovered are Plaza Bolívar and the church. Likewise, the roads, the electrical network, Pescado beach and the viewpoint where the Aura restaurant will be operating are being restored.

And we couldn't finish the tour without seeing the progress of the emblematic pool of Los Caracas, remembered for being one of the largest saltwater pools. It will be recovered for the second phase and will be accompanied by a soda fountain and kiosks in the beach area.

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