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500 people donated blood in La Guaira

The event took place in three hospitals in the state

In the state of La Guaira, about 500 people participated as volunteers in the World Blood Donor Day that took place in the main hospitals.

“More than 500 donors participated throughout the state; For each donor, up to three people can be treated and that is why everyone's participation is important,” said Gregoria Rodríguez, director of the Ana Teresa de Jesús Ponce Maternity Hospital, the Ministry of Health reported in a press release.

The event took place at the Blood Bank of the José María Vargas del Seguro Social, Rafael Medina Jiménez hospitals in Pariata and the Maternal Ana de Teresa de Jesús Ponce hospitals in Macuto.

Yeniza Nava, coordinator of the José María Vargas Blood Bank Service, explained that blood products such as plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitates are processed from each donation.

In addition, transfusions are used to care for cancer, kidney and burn patients, as well as pregnant women.

The Ministry highlights the importance of this voluntary action to support complex medical and surgical procedures.

These provisions are intended for maternal and child services and disasters of natural origin or caused by humans.

Those who wish to donate blood must have a weight of more than 50 kilos, stable blood pressure and established hemoglobin levels.

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