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Heritage party

When the correspondent office of Últimas Noticias in the Guarenas Guatire axis (Plaza and Zamora Mirandino municipalities), at the opening event was the Parrandita de San Pedro by the unforgettable Fidelina Tachón, from Río Chico, who came to Guatire and the Parranda de San Pedro with the help of Felipe Eleazar Muñoz in 1972. With a long view, Fidelina thought about the children's nursery to preserve the tradition. She was not the only one, but her work was notable.

Today is the Day of Saint Peter the Apostle, Patron of Rome, and in the beautiful and brave area of ​​the country that is Guarenas and Guatire there is a party because that party of the two cities was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Azerbaijan on December 5 2013, 10 years ago.

Guarenas and Guatire preserve the heritage essence that promotes values ​​of solidarity, respect, and promotion of what the healing of the sick daughter of an enslaved woman, María Ignacia, meant and what developed from the payment of her promise.

It is not only about the events of this Saturday, June 29 in both cities, as they ensure the permanent ratification of the policies of the Venezuelan State, affiliated with UNESCO, in this cultural matter. One of these political commitments is the dissemination of the symbolic meaning of the Parranda de San Pedro, along with its literary, musical and dance expressions.

Another is the protection of the Parrandas as human collectives, paying special interest to those who have already given all their effort in the preservation of the demonstration and in those children's seedbeds that are advancing in a constant battle against alienation and banality, that is, defending the memory of our people, which is one of our bastions of pride.

Today the Parranda de San Pedro will vindicate that miracle that we want permanent.


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