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Thanks, Charlie.

A major hornet's nest has been stirred up not only in Puerto Rico but in a large number of countries, corporations and orchestras that, as they should, fear it. The issue is that on June 18, the First Circuit of Appeals of Puerto Rico ruled that the beloved Puerto Rican singer Charlie Aponte, who for more than 40 years was the lead voice of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (when replacing none other than Pellín Rodríguez), is entitled to the royalties that the orchestra and the company he served took from him. And by the way, the company has no right to such royalties. Rafael Ithier is the owner of the orchestra… and the company.

The news filled with joy those who have followed the battle of Carlos Juan Aponte Cruz, that is, Charlie Aponte, who upon resigning from the group to dedicate himself more to his family also alerted Rafael Ithier to cancel the royalties he owed him. What did the director of El Gran Combo do? Sue Aponte for “overcharging.” Last Tuesday, the final court ruling ordered Ithier to cancel Charlie Aponte, although now the battle of how much percentage?

This case opens up tremendous opportunities for musicians and actors, etc. so that they can claim what they worked for. The usual thing is that they cancel only for the one-time performance and not for the reproduction of that performance. That is what has been left on the table with the Puerto Rican case of Charlie Aponte.

At this time we remember Tite Curet Alonso and Sammy Marrero, the only singer of La Selecta whom Raphy Leavitt's widow wanted to prevent from continuing to sing those songs, such as “The Good Shepherd.” The people of Puerto Rico and the mainland pay the fine for Sammy. Now will that widowed lady have to pay for the rights that assist Sammy Marrero?

There is a lot of fabric to cut in this regard…

Thanks Charlie.


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