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They do not sell the Yankees for $7.550 billion

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“Journalism has helped me establish close contact with life, and it has taught me how to write”… Gabriel García Márquez.

In a meeting with reporters the night before the game at Yankee Stadium with the Mariners, Hal Steinbrenner was asked if the family would sell the Yankees for the $550 billion that Forbes magazine says they are worth. He responded: “We don't even like to talk about it.”… Okay then!… One of the most beloved Cubs since 2014, 34-year-old pitcher Kyle Hendricks was removed from the rotation by manager Craig Councell. and sent to the bullpen. In 2016 he was líder in ERA, with 2.13, which was vital for the team to win the World Series against the Indians.

This season, Hendricks has a 10.57 ERA in seven appearances and the Pirates punished him for 11 hits and eight runs. Rookie Ben Brown is now part of the rotation…

“Novel and report are children of the same mother”… Gabriel García Márquez.

The house that Shohei Ohtani bought on the outskirts of Los Angeles, 13 miles from the stadium, cost him seven million 850 thousand dollars, was built in 2013 and occupies 327 square feet. It has five rooms, including one open-air, without a roof, seven bathrooms, a cinema room, another with a sauna, a basketball court and gardens around it...

Jackson Holliday failed in the Major Leagues and that is why he is in Triple A. But, the Orioles have received three player trade offers for him. They don't want to change him... Mets owner Steve Cohen sent scouts to observe the pitchers of the other 29 teams. And he has his checkbook ready... Without Gerrit Cole in the rotation, the Yankees reached a record of 34-17, the best mark in the American League.

And Cole announced that in two or three weeks he will return to the mound, recovered from the injury to his right elbow, which has kept him out of action all this year... The fastest swing in the two Major Leagues is that of Giancarlo Stanton, of the Yankees. Major League Baseball measured him one in 98 miles. The average in 10 swings was 80.6…

“There is a contradiction, because when the newspaper was made manually, with the typewriter and linotype, there was time for everything. Now, in the age of computers, hours are not enough”… Gabriel García Márquez.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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