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Black and mulatto owners in sports

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“I do believe that sexual education should be given in schools. The problem is how, when, where and with whom to do the homework”… La Pimpi

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Israel's Samuel Abramovich asks: “Was Derek Jeter the first black team owner in Major League Baseball (MLB)? And if so, weren't there before because of discrimination?

Friend Sammy: Magic Johnson has been the main owner of the Dodgers since 2012, when he bought them for two billion dollars. Since 1947, nothing has prohibited blacks from those positions. It was not about discrimination. Simply put, no black man had been interested before Johnson. But in 2002, another Johnson, Robert Johnson, came close to purchasing the Montreal Expos, and later became the first black franchise owner in basketball when he bought the Charlotte Bobcats. The Expos thing fell apart because at that time, Robert was in the dispute for his divorce, and his fortune became a problematic dispute. Omar Minaya was cooperating with him in the negotiations for the purchase that did not take place.

Jeter was part of a company that bought the Marlins, in August 2017, for 200 billion. And I inform you that Jeter is not pure black, but mulatto, the son of a charming couple, made up of a black preacher and a blonde pedagogue.

Donato Rinaldi of Manhattan asks: “When did they start using the DH in the Major Leagues?”

Friend Donis: On April 1973, XNUMX, with Ron Bloomberg, of the Yankees, against Luis Tiant and the Red Sox.

Remigio Clatayud, from Culiacán, asks: “Is it true that your column is also published in English, with the same material?”

Friend Miyo: True. You can find it on Google, in “latino sports”, along with more sports material.

Egidio Vásquez, de Valera, asks: “Has there been a case where a pitcher, in extra innings, has hit a zero with two pitches, as is possible now?”

Friend Yiyo: With the ghost runner in second gear, it is possible. A pitch, a ground ball to the shortstop, tags the runner going to third, double play at first. And with the other pitch they make the third out. Also, if they surprise the ghost in second gear. One out, zero pitches. Then two outs on two pitches. It hasn't happened, but it could be.

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