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The stars with the most games since 2010

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“Studying does not tire, on the contrary, it revitalizes”… Héctor Mujica.

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Alejandro Piñate, from San Francisco, asks: Who have been the big leaguers with the most appearances in the All-Star Games since 2010?

Amigo Alejo: Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Yadier Molina, eight games each; Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, Max Sherzer, Miguel Cabrera, Róbinson Canó, seven each; Aroldis Chapman, Bryce Haper, Buster Posey, Joey Voto, José Altuve, José Bautista, Justin Verlander, Paul Goldschmith, Salvador Pérez, six each; and with five each, Andrew McCutchen, David Ortiz, David Price, Félix Hernández, Giancarlo Stanton, Jon Lester, Nelson Cruz, Nolan Arenado, Troy Tulowitzki.

Reynaldo Portuondo, from Manatí, Puerto Rico, asks: “Is it true that Mickey Mantle's father baptized him with that name because he was an admirer of a Major League player named that?”

Friend King: It's true. Mutt Mantle, Mike's father, was an enthusiastic follower of baseball and admirer of the catcher, left-handed hitter, Mickey Cochrane, who played 13 years in the Majors, with the A's and the Tigers. He was elevated to the Hall of Fame in 1947.

Mantle was elected in 1974, with 322 of 365 votes. In other words, 43 did not vote for him.
Mutt was a miner, and he taught Mickey, who was right-handed, to hit left-handed. In the Major League he has been the one with the greatest power of the two sides. He pulled it out with equal force, both left and right.

Miguel RíoBueno, from Culiacán, asks…: “Is it true that the record for home runs in an inning by a batter is three?”

Friend Mayo…: Yes, but in the minors. On August 1930, 20, Gene Rye, of the Wako, Texas (AA) team, had hit 6 for-the-street for the season. And that night, with Beaumont visiting, he added three, all in the eighth inning, which Wako had entered down 2-10. Rye was the leadoff hitter of the inning and hit a line drive over the rightfield fences. When it was his turn to bat for the second time in the stretch, they had scored seven runs and had two on the bases. Again the ball flew to the right beyond the stadium. 18 runs scored with no outs and three pitchers sent to the showers. Rye hit his third home run up the middle, with no people on base. Wako scored XNUMX times in the inning.

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