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Another letter arrives from the Beyond

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

From Beto Ávila to Víctor González:

Dear Victor: At 28 years old, you have an extraordinary future in your hands: you are the reliever the Yankees need, so your native Mexican home, Tuxman, Nayarit, can now celebrate.

In the Bronx, they would never have traded Trey Sweeney if they didn't see a remarkable future. That boy, 24 years old, tremendous shortstop, was seriously in the Bronx's plans. But they sent him to Los Angeles, for you and for the Venezuelan Jorbit Vivas.
It is also true that your acquisition was accelerated because in the Bronx they lost, via free agent, the Dominican left-handed pitcher, Wandy Peralta, now with the Padres. For this reason, the Yankees need you as you are, since you still relieve long, you make the last outs. That is very important for the future. In case you are interested, I am a native of Veracruz, and in 1954, with the Indians, I was líder hitter in the American League, but the most important thing was that we won the League title, even though the Giants won the World Series from us. It's the story, dear friend.

Well, Victor, my friend, you already have four seasons of experience in the Majors, with a good record, 11-5, 3.15, five saves. And in the current campaign, 2-1, 2.63, two saves. Excellent numbers!

If you examine your life, you have to trust in your good conditions, because genes are extraordinary. You have had four professional baseball uncles in Mexico, Fernando González, Rodolfo González, Vinicio González and Joel Navarro.

On the other hand, you already know the brilliant history of the Yankees' relief pitching, from the historic Puerto Rican, Tite Arroyo, a left-hander like you, to the Panamanian right-hander, Mariano Rivera, the best reliever of all time. You have something to enter into that history of the famous Yankees bullpen. At the end of this season you will be able to go to arbitration and be a free agent in 2027. My advice is that you leave that in your business, in the hands of the agents and you dedicate yourself to staying as good as possible to pitch. But ask your agents to try to avoid both arbitration and being released. Remember the traditional advice: “Better a bad settlement than a good war.”

I think you have done well with your fees: from the Dodgers in 2021, $580; in 500, 2022 thousand, the same as in 720; and this year with the Yankees, 2023 thousand. Of course in 860 you must take the leap to be a millionaire. I say, to earn a million or more per season. Take it easy, but be very dedicated to your career. Love baseball and respect it. Recognize the value of the fans and the importance of the show. May everything continue well in your career. Above all, I wish you the best possible health… Beto.

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