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Suspensions on days or games

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“The best contraceptive is the crossed-legged strike”… La Pimpi.

Today, Tuesday and tomorrow, are Mail Days. Please send me your full name and the town or city where you are writing from. Very thankful.

Daniel Betancourt, from Mérida, Yucatán, asks: “Which games do you recommend I see, since I will go to New York any week in July?”

Friend Dano: I think they would give you a good show, the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, July 7 at 05:1; six at 05:1 and seven at 35:9. And at Citi Field, with the visiting Nationals, July 7, at 10:10; July 7, at 10:11 and July 1, at 10:XNUMX.
Raimer Arias, from Valencia, asks: “How are player suspensions estimated, by games or by?”

Friend Rai: In most cases they refer to games. If the punishment is like this, for “games”, they take into account those established in the calendar. If it says “days”, which would be very strange, consecutive dates would apply.

Rigoberto J. Casadiego of Los Angeles asks: “The Orioles are hot again. As far as I remember, Brooks Robinson was the first one from this club to hit for the ladder or the circle. How was that, please?”

Amigo Rigo: He hit 5-for-5 on July 15, 1960, and drove in three runs, in a 5-2 victory over the White Sox at Comiskey Park in Chicago. He completed the feat in the ninth inning, with a triple against Turk Lown's pitch.

Mario Rekeistino, from Santiago de Chile, asks: “Is Luis Arráez such a special hitter that he does not need time to adapt to another League or another team?”

Friend Mayo: Without regretting it too much, I dare to inform you that yes, it is something special, very special. Batting is extremely difficult. Hitting the ball in the thickest part of its shape and with the thickness of the bat is not easy to achieve. If you achieve it in just three out of 10 chances, you are phenomenal and earn millions of dollars just for playing baseball.

Augusto Portuondo V. from Mexico City, asks: “Who is the best pitcher of the moment in the Majors?”

Friend Taste: It depends on how you see it. Or the left-hander from Lara from Pie de La Cuesta, Ranger Suárez, 28 years old, with seven seasons of experience, who in the current season is 8-0, 1.37, aboard the Phillies; or Justin Verlander, of the Astros, at age 41, with 259-143, 3.25 in 19 seasons, but this time 2-2, 3.97.

Choose the one you like the most. And congratulation's!.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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