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Arráez's view like that of Williams

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“Babe Ruth was less than a God, but more than a man. He looked like Hercules, or something like that”… The Sandlot.

Question of the week: Only 33 have had 3.000 or more hits in the Major Leagues. The first, Adrián (Cap) Anson, 3.435, average of 334, and 97 dead ball home runs, plus 2.075 RBIs. During which years did he play in the Majors? The answer: From 1871 to 1897, 27 years, the last 25 with the Cubs.

His batting titles and his constant happy movement of the bat have been a source of admiration for Luis Arráez in recent years in the Major Leagues. And now he begins to talk to himself with amazement about the few times he is struck out. This young man, 27 years old, is a special spectacle for fans of the Major Leagues. In the 2 shifts that he had consumed before yesterday afternoon's game, with the A's visiting, Luis had suffered only 271 Ks. And he had 183 hits for his average of 740.

The Yaracuyan's vision is similar to that of Ted Williams, 20/10, and he does not push the bat towards the pitch, but rather moves it like a whip, and guided by his innate ability to hit the ball in the center in most opportunities.

What he does bat in hand cannot be learned in any Academy, because if it were so many would bat the same way. Those powers at bat are only given by God, who is a divine baseball fan.

And let's get to the numbers: This year, Jurickson Profar has been struck out 42 times; Mookie Betts, 31 times; José Altuve, 54; Luis Arraez, 18.

“On the menu of that restaurant they offer 'hot dog', that is, without sausage”… Pacomio.

More numbers: The active big leaguer with the highest lifetime batting average is José Altuve, 306.7. And on the list of the best hitters of all time, headed by Ty Cobb, with 12 batting championships, nine in a row, and an average of 366.2, the first Latin American occupies 20th place, the Panamanian Rod Carew, 327.8.

Of course, to consider the importance of a player on your team, the average is much more important than the number of hits he connects. For example, Pete Rose fired 4 hits, in 256 at-bats, 14. This is not to detract from his merits. , but he is not in the first 53 averages, because the last on that list is Joe Medwick, who hit 303.

“I became a better pitcher when I stopped trying not to get hit and started throwing for contact.”… Sandy Koufax.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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