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Hours and “Baseball with Beans”

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“When you think what you say, that's when you say what you think”… Jacinto Benavente

I was partying for a little more than two hours, because my dear colleague, Alfredo Villasmil, from the Dominican Republic, invited me for his podcast, “Beisbol con Habichuelas.”

For me the talk was so enjoyable that when I heard the farewell, I thought we had talked for about 30 minutes. But Alfredo and his video partner, Jorge Loreto, are a pleasant spectacle. And since they are well aware of the history of baseball at all times, they took me for a walk through Centuries and Centuries.

And I'm delighted!

We talk equally about Babe Ruth and Elly De La Cruz, as well as Héctor Espino and Vinicio Castilla plus Vidal López, Luis Aparicio and Vitico Davalillo.

We spent a lot of time comparing Major League baseball a few years ago, when Casey Stengel, Billy Martin and Sparky Anderson led, with what we see now, an era of designated hitters, in both Leagues, and an absolute lack of uniformity in the players. , of clocks as unnecessary as all this, of ghost runners in extra innings and lack of authority of the managers, it doesn't matter if your name is Carlos Mendoza, Dave Robert, Pedro Grifol or Scott Servais.

“Before, the manager was a general in chief. He is now a public relations emissary.”
Of course, the topic about the Hall of Fame, Omar Vizquel and Miguel Cabrera could not be missed.

Of course I said what I always say: Vizquel, a very good bigleaguer, I have always admired him, but not worthy of a niche in Cooperstown, as an overwhelming majority of voters also believe.

Regarding Miguel Cabrera, I think that I think he will be elected to the Hall of Fame, but I will surely not vote for him, since in 2029, when he will be a candidate, I will have died, since I have no plans to reach one hundred years of age. .

Then I will write to you from The Beyond.

I spent comforting hours in “Beisbol con Habichuelas”, so I invite you to watch the show on “YouTube” and company.

Among the many things that are notable and enjoyable about baseball, when it is fully understood and respected, are situations like this. It is possible that in a group we talk about the topic for long hours, believing that it is only minutes.

The problem is explaining it to the wives later and making them believe it.

That's how exciting our favorite sport is and that's how entertaining Alfredo and Jorge are.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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