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This play has not been seen for 100 years.

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“The Commandments are only 10, and few fulfill them… Can you imagine if there were 100?”… Father Antonio Leyh (Benedictine).

Thank you very grateful. I have received hundreds of written and telephone messages, on the occasion of my 77 years in journalism, which I turned on Monday the 24th...

It is impossible to publish them all, but I find this one very tender, from Héctor S. Sánchez, sent from San Carlos: “A big hug for your 77 years. First time writing to you, but I've been following you for approximately 40 years. How good to remember when you narrated the Major League games, and you said the white girl is still happy with her hit on the grass of Yankee Stadium!”…

What goes from yesterday to today. The Phillies made a play on Monday that was not seen in the Major Leagues 100 years ago. The last time something like this had happened was in 1924, when Babe Ruth was playing only his fifth season with the Yankees... The Philadelphia team beat the Tigers 4-0, at Detroit Stadium, in the lower entrance of the third inning Tigers centerfielder Matt Vierling, with no out and runners on first and third, lined out to pitcher Aaron Nola, who caught for the first out. He threw to first from where he had gone to second, Carson Kelly, two out. The runner on third, Zach McKinstry, was apparently unaware of what was happening, because he broke away toward home, they threw third, third out. Triple play 1-3-5. Very rare!…

“It all started when Eve gave Adam an apple, can you imagine if she had given him a sideburn?”… Fonseca.

Gleyber Torres believes that Carlos Mendoza, 44, from Barquisime, is destined to be one of the most notable managers in the Major Leagues. Gleyber remembers that when he came to the Yankees' minor leagues from the Cubs, Carlos gave him the best advice, which he believes has served him well as a Major League player. And he sees Mendoza, proudly, now leading the Mets... But everything happens at Gleyber's worst moment with his Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, who accuses him of a lack of aggressiveness in the action, apart from the fact that he has had three fatal months at bat... Beware of those who, in the Antisocial Networks, say they want to defend you, as if they were Mother Teresa of Calcutta. They are criminals…

“Writing about the Catholic religion is very easy, because Pope God helps”… Father Menaza (Salesian).

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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