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Frank Sinatra was born where the Rules of baseball were released

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

In three days, on Wednesday, it will be 178 years since baseball was played under Rules for the first time. It happened on the afternoon of June 19, 1846, on a piece of land, next to which, there was a restaurant that also served public bathrooms.

That was part of the small town of Hoboken, New Jersey, near New York. This town has been so small that in the 2022 census, it registered only 57 inhabitants.

That's where Frank Sinatra was born, on December 1915, 6, at 30:XNUMX in the morning. They say that, after the traditional spanking, he cried with the authentic quality of a fine ballad.

The world, then, lived before 1846, without Rules for baseball and before 1915, without the voice of Sinatra.

Where Elysian Field used to be, a coffee roasting company built a huge building now operates. And the humble little house where the famous singer came into the world disappeared to make way for a luxurious mansion owned by a millionaire New York industrialist.

Baseball then, a tremendous relaxation

Until that historic day, playing baseball was tremendously relaxing. Tremendous relaxation, but organized.
Executives from banks and other businesses, and professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, over 25 and 30 years old, played it. The youth of the time were especially dedicated to track and field sports, bow and arrow, and martial arts.
But baseball was suffering from a serious problem.

Before each game, they needed hours to agree on the conditions of the game: Number of outs per innings, if the team that reached a certain number of runs or the one that had the most scores in a set number of innings won. Distance between the bases, how many bases there would be and other details.

Such a situation led the Knickerbockers, a New York team, to write rules that everyone who played would approve. The person responsible for that mission was one of the players, Alexander (Joy) Cartwright, who was a famous volunteer firefighter and bookseller.
There were 21 Rules, now there are more than 400. The team that first scored 21 runs won.

But that debut saw the New York Nine win, 23-1, because by going ahead as visitors, they were obliged to allow the home club to hit, thus giving them a chance for a tie. First baseball prank with Rules: the team that invented them was the defeated one.

The Rules were improved day after day. For example, it was played without gloves, because they did not exist and because they are not used in cricket. It was in 1886, after 15 years of Major League Baseball, when an entire team, the New York Giants, used gloves. Albert Spalding had been manufacturing them since 1877 and some ballplayers had used them, because they were not prohibited.
The first Rules did not contemplate the shortstop, but they played with four outfielders. A doctor named Lusius Adams, an outfielder for the Knickerbokers, decided to move to the infield, between second and third bases, to create the position. It happened in 1848.

Baseball before the United States

The first time the words base ball appeared in publication was in 1744, when in London they wrote “A Pretty Little Pocket Book.”
They were not referring to a game called that, but to some children playing with bases and balls.

The sporting spirit of the English in the USA

When the 102 pilgrims arrived in 1620 on the East Coast of the United States, today New England, aboard the “Mayflower,” what was going to be baseball also arrived on American lands.

Those beings, who fled persecution for religious reasons, were as athletic as the English natives historically always were. And cricket, a sport based on the religious rites of the Egyptian pharaohs, which consists of throwing a ball, batting it, fielding it, running to reach two bases (it is played only with first and home plate), came as luggage in the minds of those Travellers.

But of course, there were no grounds prepared for that sport. They had to invent many other games, all based on the batted and fielded ball, until 1846, when they released the Rules of Baseball.

Therefore, because the beginning was the Mayflower pilgrims, on the coasts of what is now Massachusetts, baseball first grew, and became popular, in the eastern region of the United States. And since 1980, at the initiative of George Steinbrenner, when the last out of each Yankees game was made in Yankee.

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