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On the ball | Vizquel didn't harass any bat boy

"I am not interested in faithful men, because if they are faithful it is because they are sick" ... La Pimpi.

Checked! Omar Vizquel is a lucky recipient of spaces in the media. Always something new leads him to occupy the best informative sites in newspapers, radio stations, television stations, social networks, web pages and other information paths.

First, because one day I said that I did not vote for him for the Hall of Fame. Later, because he was accused of beating his wife.

Now, because a young autistic man, who was a bat boy for the Birmingham Barons, double A for the White Sox, accuses him of sexual harassment.

To all of these, will I vote for him? ...: No.

Do I think he hit his wife, Blanca?… Yes.

Do I think he really harassed the bat boy?… No, no and no.

More jokes are made in clubhouses than anywhere else. And for that reason, since Vizquel does not answer, I called two players who were from the Barones of 2019, the year of the accusation.

One of them told me…: “Omar kept inventing jokes of many kinds against all of us and we laughed a lot”.

And the other…: “I remember that bat boy, great boy. We all loved him very much, even Vizquel. And having her back washed has nothing to do with sex. "

The lawsuit can be a shot to the air for the lawyers, to see how much money they can get from the Caracas man.

On the other hand, a woman, whom journalists call "La Pepa Asomá", who writes without having the media to publish her. But he writes and writes for the Hall of Fame for Vizquel.

Regarding Birmingham, "La Pepa Asomá" smeared letters in quantity, copying what was written by journalists from the United States, without contributing anything new.

Vizquel doesn't need such a defense, don't defend me, comadre! And neither is that of the failed law student, who became a storyteller and now wants to become a journalist.

Why and why is Omar going to sexually abuse an autistic young man?

Omar has very good home cooking. In his childhood years in Caracas, he even played in military teams, called Los Aguiluchos. Of course they imposed military discipline on him.

At 54 years of age, he is in full maturity with the forces of youth. He speaks English as well as Spanish. He is famous throughout baseball. He's pretty, he knows how to smile and he's a millionaire in dollars. He earned 63 million 210 thousand 668 in his 24 years as a player, plus 22 million 17 thousand, from advertising.

And I finally know why Vizquel de los Toros was thrown out. For this case of the bat boy.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.