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On the ball | Dodgers don't win in extra innings

"Man's best friend is no longer the dog, but Johnny Walker" ... Trapichito.

The question of the week.- This year's season, for his home runs, invites you to remember old Babe Ruth, who made the number three on his uniform famous. But he wasn't wearing it when, in 1927, he set the record for 60 home runs. Do you remember what number El Babe was wearing on his uniform then?

The Answer.- It was not three, nor did it have any number, since they were not used yet. It was two years later, in 1929, when the Yankees and Indians inaugurated the custom of numbered uniforms.

Charge 30 million in the minors.- It has never been, nor will it be frequent, to see a player in the minors who collects 30 million dollars per season. That's what Red Sox left-handed pitcher Chris Sale, 32, receives this year, who is in triple-A, Worcester, in rehab and via 60 days on the disabled list. Ironically, after being signed in 2010, Chris was promoted to the big team in just two weeks. So I didn't know about long bus trips.

That there are idiots, there are.- To jump onto the pitch during the action of any sport, you have to be drunk to unconsciousness or be an idiot. And I don't think there are idiots so idiotic to be capable of such idioticness. With all that, no one knows why, this year the number of jumps in major league stadiums has increased considerably. But at Dodger Stadium, a ball girl, named Eva Wilson, slid, feet in front, against the legs of one of these jumpers, and made him fall three meters further, all sore ...

And they go from 13-one. If the Dodgers had won just half of the 12 extra innings they have lost this year (they have only one win after nine innings), they would be in first place in the West Division. Because the Giants, who are leaders, go 72-41, while the Los Angeles boys, with everything and everything, 68-45. Obviously, they need a better bullpen, the defense to make the small plays, and eliminate the ridiculous rule of the gift runner at second base every extra inning ...

There are already four.- With Manny Trillo now in the Hall of Fame of the Phillies, there are four Venezuelans with similar honors. The others, Johan Santana, Twins; Melvin Mora, Orioles; and Edgardo Alfonzo, Mets.

Foolish millionaires.- Bigleaguers, in addition, in Yankee uniforms, are supposed to be rich, both in dollars and in good sense, right? Well no. Gerrit (Nat King) Cole, Gary Sánchez and the new Yankee, Anthony Rizzo, are millionaires in dollars, but their brains are empty of sanity, since they have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, so they have fallen ill with danger ...