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Quadrangular with nachos and cheese

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“They called that cannibal 'The Useless', because he was a vegetarian”… Dick Secades.

The champions, Texas Rangers, played last night in Minnesota. And there the shortstop, Corey Seager, was talking, surrounded by reporters, about his “unforgettable Tuesday” game, even though he then lost his team in Phildelpia, 5-2.

“I've hit 178 home runs in my career,” Seager said, “and, as will happen with that game, I won't be able to forget that hit that night either. The thing is that the majority in the stadium, including the umpires and myself, believed that it was an automatic double. Thank goodness that now there is video review.”

Even the manager of the Texas team, Bruce Bochy, has confessed that he also considered the hit a double, and that he made the claim only “just in case.”

The ball hit by Seager in the eighth inning, with the bases unoccupied, flew towards the right center field area, and what the majority thought they saw was that it had bounced off the fence to land on the grass. There the right fielder, Nick Castellanos, picked it up and through the cutoff man, sent it to second, where the umpire called Seager safe, who was happy with his double.

What had really happened, as the video later revealed, was that a beautiful spectator tried to catch the ball, but instead of a glove, what she had in her hands was a plastic plate full of nachos with plenty of foamy cheese. .

Of course, there was something like a cheese explosion, the fan was covered in yellow and the ball flew back to the field.

Manager Bochy commented with a laugh:

“That will have to be a home run against nachos and cheese.”

And looking at it more deeply, without the help of television, it could also have been established whether it was a home run or not. That is, by simply examining the ball, everything was fixed. That is, if it was decorated with cheese, it was square.

In 2021, a spectator, also loaded with cheese nachos, caught a home run ball barehanded at Dodgers Statium. I mean. That time there was no food waste or video review.

Corey Seager, one of the best shortstops of the moment, has become a hitter of 30 or more home runs per season in recent years. He now has eight and has 178 in his 10 seasons, with an average of 290 and 562 RBIs.

Bochy said: “That boy is one of the best at the position in history.”

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