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Rule Changes a Century Ago

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“If you cry for not having seen the sun, your tears will not let you see the beauty of the stars”… Anonymous.

Today, like every Wednesday, is Mail Day. If you write to me, don't forget to send your full name and the town or city where you are writing. Thank you.

Carter Rodríguez, from Caracas, asks…: “How many managers have been elevated to Cooperstown?”

As managers, 23…: Walter Alston, Sparky Anderson, Bobby Cox, Leo Durocher, Rube Foster, Ned Hanlon, Bucky Harris, Whitey Herzog, Miller Huggins, Tony LaRussa, Tom LaSorda, Jim Leyland, Al López, Connie Mack, Joe McCarthy , John McGraw, Bill McKechnie, Wilber Robinson, Frank Selee, Billy Southworth, Casey Stengel, Joe Torre, Dick Williams Earl Weaver... Nine others were elevated as players, and later became managers...

Yogi Berra, Lou Boudreau, Bob Lemon, Frank Robinson, Red Schoendienst, Rogers Hornsby, Nap Lajoie. Two who were already managers were elevated in 2015 for their playing careers, Ryne Sandberg with the Phillies and Paul Molitor of the Twins.

Jorge Puértolas, from Mazatlán, requests: “Please publish about 10 Rules changed in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.”

Friend Yoyo: 1.- From 1867 to 1887, hitters demanded high, low, inside or outside pitches, wherever they were most hittable.

2.- Fair flays caught from a boat were outs until 1864 and foul balls until 1883.

3.- They played cricket style, without gloves. They didn't exist. And they believed that any protection on the hands was a lack of manliness.

4.- The first glove was invented and used by catcher Charles Waitt in 1875. He was made fun of by spectators, players on the opposing team and also those on his team. They called him a coward.

5.- At the end of the 1th century, Albert Goodwill Spalding began to mass-produce gloves and promote them. He imposed them.

6.- One side of the bat was flat, from 1885 to 1893.

7.- Walks were accredited as uncatchable only in 1887. 17 players obtained averages of more than 400.

8.- The umpires of the 19th century worked very comfortably, because they sat in a comfortable chair, near home plate.

9.- Until the beginning of the 20th century, catchers, instead of crouching, stood about two meters behind home plate.

10.- Balls that bounced off the field and went fair over the fences were home runs, until 1930, since then they have been doubles.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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