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Corpse of Luis Castro in Medellín

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“My wife laughs at everything I do… That's why we don't have children”… Pantaleón Richardson.

“It is less bad to do something wrong than to do nothing”… Joseph McKadew.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. felt tired of wearing his hair so long, and cut it off. He now has more of a big leaguer image than a vulgar rapper, this boy, first baseman for the Blue Jays. He said that this is how he celebrates his five years in the Major Leagues… There is enthusiasm for baseball in Antioquia, the land of the first Latin American in the Major Leagues of the 20th Century,

Luis Castro. A children's league even operates successfully in Medellín. Time to recover Luis' remains, abandoned in New York, and take them to Medellín... Desperate due to the consecutive failures of the Caribbean Series, they have added Japan for the 2025 one in Mexicali. It will be the sixth team, not a member of the Caribbean Confederation, in the event. That is, two more than the authentic ones, Dominican, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela... Luisángel Acuña, Ronald's brother, will be brought up to the Mets "very soon", as the manager, Carlos Mendoza, stressed. The young man is destroying the pitchers in Triple A…

“This eye is black, because my wife found out that I have a lover… And this other eye is also black, because my lover found out that I have a wife”… Pachomio.

By the way, Mendoza says that one of his pitchers asked him how to pitch to Luis Arráez. His response: “Without much concern. Throw him over the center of the plate and cross yourself”… Willie Mays said to himself in his last days, very amazed that Rob Manfred and his partners, ESPN and FOX, installed the A’s in Las Vegas, the Betting Capital of the World. Because, in 1979, Commissioner Bowie Kühn suspended him from all baseball activities, along with Mickey Mantle, for appearing in a televised advertisement promoting a casino...

Juan Soto recommended Hal Steinbrenner hire 34-year-old left-handed reliever Tim Hill, who was his teammate for two years in San Diego. They signed him until October 2025... They had to stop Alex Verdugo in the Yankees dugout, so that he did not go out onto the field to fight with the Orioles, after they had hit Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres with pitches. Every game between these two teams is a threat of a pitched battle…

“My mother-in-law talks more than a drunk parrot”… Trapichito.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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