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Last Name Condom Leaflet Charlie

Enjoy a new installment of "En La Pelota" by Juan Vené

“The habit does not make the monk, nor does the name make the person”… Pedro Beroes.

Imagine a narrator broadcasting: “Condom at bat.”

And that will happen soon, because a young outfielder, a 21-year-old native of Atlanta, is going to be signed among the first in the draft, his name is Charlie Condón.

He is such a good hitter that he is setting new records, both for contact and power.
I asked my wife, Barbarita, if she would have married someone with the last name Condón, and she burst out laughing. She said...: "Yes, I would have married him, but on the condition that she changed the condom or let me continue with my last name, Hernández."

Ana María Roque: Another one who, before answering, was laughing for a few seconds. She said: “I would change it, adding an e, to make it Cordón. I would become Ana María de Cordón.”

Fellow journalist, Alexis Ortiz, responded: “I would quickly take off the Condom and put on the Ortiz.”

Abel Ibarra, language teacher and novelist…: “Wow! Knowing that my last name is Condón, I would fall head-butting the first wall I found.”

Luis Muga, computer engineer: “I wouldn't take off my condom. “I would leave it on for the rest of my life.”

Germán Carías Jr., journalist: “I would quickly change the condom for the condom. In other words, I would become Germán Preservativo.”

Juan Iturriaga, merchant: “Simple, I would add a point to the condom and thus turn it into C. Ondón.”

Gustavo Hernández, electrical engineer: “I would leave my condom on forever. I would never change it. “I would tolerate bullying, which I imagine would be for a lifetime.”

Hugo Chávez González, journalist: “I would not change my last name, whatever it is. In this case, of course, I would have to endure the mockery of my friends, which would be cruel and endless.”

Graciela García, doctor: “Whoever drops their condom should put it on. And that last name is not ugly at all. The only ugly thing is what bad thinkers or bad thinkers imagine. I would leave my condom on forever.”

In English, condom does not mean the same thing as in Spanish. Condom in English is to forgive, to condone. What we know as a condom in our language would be condom in English.

That's why Charlie, Atlanta's sensational prospect, has never suffered bullying because of his last name. But, when he gets to the Major Leagues, where there is a tremendous Spanish-speaking environment, he will likely be very different.

Many times it will be heard then, in numerous radio and television broadcasts...: "Condom at bat."

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