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Aparicio changed to M. Blancas and Orioles

Enjoy a new installment of "En la Pelota" by Juan Vené

“To love each other we do not need to understand each other”… Anonymous.

Today, Tuesday and tomorrow, are Mail Days. Please send me your full name and the town or city where you are writing to me from. Very thankful.

A survey revealed that in the United States, the favorite holiday is Christmas. Number two, Mother's Day. Father's Day was placed in 23rd place.

Ricardo J. Blanco, from Maracay, asks: Why have the Red Sox played this year with number 617 on a sleeve?”

Amigo Chardo: That is the area code of Fenway Park, home of the team; and they do it to remember the attack in April 2013, when two bombs exploded in the middle of the marathon, leaving five dead and 282 injured. There were two perpetrators, one dead and the other imprisoned.

Juan Hernández, from Maracay, asks: “Why did Martín Dihigo, champion with the Leones del Caracas, not return to direct them, and he had played in Venezuela?”

Friend and namesake: Dihigo, the most complete of Latin American baseball players, was moody and spiteful. He had difficulties with the team owners after his success as manager in 1953. And yes, he played in Venezuela with Santa Marta and Concordia.

Néstor Zambrano R. from Maracaibo, asks: “Can an active bigleaguer be co-owner of a team; and an owner have shares in more than one team?”

Friend Nes: No and no.

William Mercado, from Atlanta, asks: “How many years had it been since the White Sox went to a World Series, when in 1959 they played it with the Dodgers?”

Friend Yiyan: It had been 40 years, since 1919. But in 1956 Luis Aparicio arrived, who transformed the club. And something similar happened when they sent him to Baltimore.

Constantino Liñares D. from Madrid asks: “Which players are entitled to a pension, how much do they earn, and how do those who live in a country other than the United States collect it?”

Friend Tino: All those who reach the Major Leagues receive a pension, even if they stay only one day; The amount depends on how much he has contributed during his career to Players Association funds; Those who live outside the United States receive it through the Bank where they have an account.

Teófilo Piñate, from Caracas, asks: “Why did Alfonso Carrasquel never win The Golden Glove, if he was as good as they say?”

Friend Teo: That trophy, from the “Rawling”, began to be awarded in 1957 and Alfonso retired in 1959. Those last two years of his were not the best.

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