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They turn on the lighthouse in Morros de San Juan again

The lighthouse that adorns the Paurario hill, the highest of the Arístides Rojas monument, was reactivated with German-Venezuelan technology

After several years, in Guárico the light of the lighthouse that adorns the Paurario hill of the Arístides Rojas natural monument, popularly known as the Morros de San Juan, was turned on.

The lighting took place from the Olympic City of the Guariqueña capital, from where Governor José Vásquez highlighted that the lighthouse was reactivated with German-Venezuelan technology.

He explained that the work was carried out by a complete team of engineers, accompanied by the Civil Protection Corps, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and other security agencies.

He said that this is done with the intention of fully recovering this monument, and launching the tourist route that allows you to enjoy adventure and a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Vásquez announced the recovery of the stairs that lead to the top of this rock formation, for the safe movement of those who like to visit the place.

The recovery of the projector was announced in the last quarter of 2023, after the visit to the monument by the Minister of Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón.

The installation of the lighthouse, located on the Paurario hill, responds to an order from President Juan Vicente Gómez, who sought for the structure to serve as a guide for the first planes that flew over the country in 1929.

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