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Rehabilitated La Morera popular office in Guárico

The health center was also equipped with new supplies and equipment to care for 11 communities in the point and circle.

The governor of the Guárico state, José Vásquez, delivered the fully rehabilitated La Morera Type III Popular Medical Clinic, located in San Juan de los Morros, which serves residents of 11 communities in 15 medical specialties.

The regional president said that this health center receives patients 24 hours a day and completely free of charge.

He noted that the work consisted of the restoration of the roof covering, placement of asphalt, rehabilitation of the electrical system, painting, placement of switches, outlets, installation of lighting, air conditioning and many more.

He mentioned that the popular clinic offers hospitalization, dentistry, gynecology, obstetrics, internal medicine, and comprehensive medicine services, among others.

“This is the type of medical centers that the people deserve, right here in their community they will have the best comprehensive medical care,” Vásquez highlighted. 

For her part, the sole health authority, Dr. Rosa Vásquez, reported that each care area was equipped with completely new supplies and equipment, within the framework of the 1×10 of Good Government. She highlighted that a 12-channel electrocardiograph, surgery kits, dental unit, showcases and various resources were delivered.

“You know that we will continue working and overcoming the obstacles that arise in conjunction with popular power,” he added.

In turn, the executive secretary of Public Works and Services in the region, engineer Mary Carmen Monsalve, said that a pump and water storage tank were also installed for the supply and reserve of the vital liquid in the facilities. 

Monsalve added that a complete team was working hard to optimize each space and put them at the service of the people.

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