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They recover public transport stops in San Juan de los Morros

In the city of San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico state, the mayor of the municipality Juan Germán Roscio Nieves, has implemented a Recovery and Beautification Plan for Public Transport Stops, through which to date 4 points have been addressed in the jurisdiction.

The main one to be recovered corresponds to the La Redoma stop, located on Av. Miranda; followed by the Los Llanos avenue stop where the monument was also embellished in honor of Blessed Dr. José Gregorio Hernández; the Pueblo Nuevo stop on Bolívar avenue, as well as the Las Palmas stop located in the community that bears the same name.

Among the works carried out, it is worth highlighting the modification and repair of the structure of benches and roofs, their painting; conditioning and beautification of kiosks that are located in the axis of the stops, in addition to carrying out the respective adaptation of the identification billboards of the same.

In this sense, the mayor Sulme Ávila de Gerratana, points out that this project will extend to the length and breadth of the Guarican capital where cleaning and painting actions of streets, communities and public spaces are being carried out simultaneously to raise the quality of life of the Roscians and advance in the transformation of a modern and model city in the Guárico state.

"As citizens we must take care of our stops, not damage them, which with love I am recovering for and for you and of course the Municipality in general" expressed the highest Municipal Authority, calling for conscience to the population about the collective care that should be provided to the jurisdiction.

Among other actions that are being carried out in the capital, highlights the reorganization of informal vendors and adaptation of kiosks that will become Entrepreneurship Centers