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They promote peace and healthy coexistence in Guárico schools

The first meeting was held to promote a culture of peace and healthy family coexistence through music

More than 3.700 students, 581 teachers, 547 families and 271 members of the System of Orchestras and Choirs of the Guárico state, participated simultaneously in the first meeting to strengthen peace and healthy family coexistence through music, held in various educational centers in the region.

According to a press release from the Center for the Development of Educational Quality (CDCE) in Guárico, music became a fundamental strategy during the development of the activity, since it allows us to foster unity and reduce stress in children. , improve mood and promote communication between families.

They point out that this artistic language also manages to sensitize students, awaken interest in each of them at a neural level, generate pleasure and enjoyment when interacting with sounds and movements, and stimulate socialization and understanding of themselves and others.

Professor Mónica Leopardi, coordinator of Student Development and Protection at the CDCE Guárico, expressed that “this beautiful activity, titled music, family and healthy coexistence strengthen peace, is given with the purpose of making it clear that music is necessary to strengthen the well-being of our students and families.”

For her part, Ana María Landaeta, state manager of the Orchestras and Choirs System, commented that in a strategic alliance with the CDCE Guárico, “we are holding these sessions to share knowledge, aimed at all representatives, administrative staff, teachers and our boys and girls from different institutions, thus promoting harmonious relationships between individuals.”

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