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Ready in Guárico to prevent and attend to rain emergencies

The General Risk Staff is formed to address contingencies in the 15 municipalities of Guárico

With the aim of addressing contingencies that could be caused by the rains, evaluating vulnerable areas and guaranteeing the well-being of the population, this Monday, June 10, the Risk General Staff was installed in the state of Guárico.

The activation of this instance took place in the Los Llanos Comprehensive Defense Strategic Region (REDI Los Llanos), in San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality.

The Guariqueño president, José Vásquez, in the company of the commander of the REDI Los Llanos, M/G Lenin Ramírez and other regional authorities of the Security and Citizen Defense Bodies, maintained that the Risk General Staff will be deployed especially in the adjacent communities to rivers and reservoirs, which could be affected by floods and overflows.

“Let us remember that Guárico is one of the states with the largest number of reservoirs. Gúarico connects with many rivers,” she emphasized.

He pointed out that through the REDI a General will be appointed per municipality, who will join the management liaisons and political liaisons of each parish, “whose work teams will allow, together with the Government and the mayors, rapid action against possible contingencies,” he said.

Vásquez added that “the fundamental thing is prevention in this period of rain, which as it is going, will be of great magnitude at the regional level.”

For his part, M/G Lenin Ramírez highlighted that work will be done jointly and in a planned manner with all the actors involved in each Llanera entity, in order to address each complaint that is related to the rains, and guarantee the safety of the Guariqueño people.

Bolivarian mayors from various municipalities in the state were also present at the meeting.

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