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Sworn councilors and mayoress of the Guarican capital

In the Guárico state, the new parliamentary and directive body of the Municipal Chamber of the capital, San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, was installed and sworn in for the exercise of municipal legislative actions for the 2021-2022 session period .

The board of directors of the Municipal Chamber of Roscio was led by the standard bearers of the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar (Gppsb), remaining as follows: as president Francy Rojas; Vice President Wilmer Velasco; Mónica Bartolini acting as chamber secretary with Yorjany Bolívar as deputy secretary.

The president of the Chamber, Francis Rojas, highlighted that the 7 councilors of the Gppsb and the 2 of the Democratic Alliance, all with their respective substitutes, will be guarantors of compliance with the municipal legal regulations, approving and directing resources for the benefit of the people according to the demands of the same.

Sulme Ávila: first 100 days dedicated to public services

After the installation and swearing-in of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Chamber, the swearing-in of the elected mayor of the municipality Juan Germán Rocío Nieves, Sulme Ávila de Guerratana, was carried out, who will serve the 2021-2025 term of office.

Therefore, the mayor during a press conference reported that the first 100 days of his municipal government will be focused on optimizing public services, addressing as a critical element the issue of solid waste collection, paying tribute to the eradication of environmental pollution, for which alliances have been established with private sectors for the acquisition of machinery and trucks.

Likewise, it will begin with the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Municipal Clinical Center, for the total activation of medical services for free. It will also begin with the conditioning of the mayor's office as well as the decoration of the Ring of Av. Miranda for the start of Christmas 2021.

"Here we are willing to work for the recovery of the Roscio municipality and the good life of the town, articulated for the common good," concluded Mayor Sulme Ávila.