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Medical days benefited more than a thousand inhabitants in Guárico

Families from the La Cumaná sector and the point and circle of the José Francisco Torrealba High School in Altagracia de Orituco were assisted.

With two days of comprehensive medical care, in Altagracia de Orituco, Guárico state, more than 1.140 people were benefited.

The operations, carried out in the La Cumaná sector and at the José Francisco Torrealba High School, were promoted by the Great Venezuela Women and Youth Mission of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Jpsuv).

Care was offered in general medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, nutrition, gastroenterology, people with disabilities, dentistry, traumatology and physiatry. In addition, medications were delivered to all patients who required them for the treatment of different pathologies.

In this context, the Orituco Mayor's Office notes that these days once again demonstrate the commitment of the national, regional and municipal Government to the health of the community.

They add that the activities highlighted the importance of promoting comprehensive actions for the benefit of women and young people in the town.

The boardings were accompanied by Mayor Pedro Solórzano and the deputy to the National Assembly, Ramón Magallanes. Among the institutions that participated are the Dr. José Francisco Torrealba Hospital, ASIC, Ipasme, Municipal Women's Institute, Inass, Humanized Birth and others.

Families in Chaguaramas received comprehensive care

In Chaguaramas, two days of social care were held that benefited families from the San Antonio and Las Morrocoyas hamlets.

This was reported by the territorial commissioner of the entity, José Gregorio Medina, who highlighted that "we are deployed in the territory serving the people and providing responses to vulnerable people, in joint work with our institutions and missions."

He pointed out that in the San Antonio hamlet the families received zinc sheets and cement for the recovery of homes, as well as paint to rehabilitate the educational center in the area.

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