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Delivery of decent homes fulfills the dream of 28 Guariqueña families

The organized popular power raised Guaitoito Rural urban planning, in Calabozo, under the self-construction modality

In the Guárico state, 28 families received decent homes and property documents, in the Guaitoito Rural urban development, located in Calabozo, Francisco de Miranda municipality. 

Governor José Vásquez highlighted that these homes consist of 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and dining room.

He said that, despite the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the country, the Great Venezuela Housing Mission continues to dignify the people.

“The Great Venezuela Housing Mission has built this beautiful community. The president has trusted, delivered the resources to popular power and in organization these 28 homes were completed,” Vásquez added. 

For her part, spokesperson Yohana Herrera added that the urban planning has been carried out under the self-construction modality, in whose work the Ministry for Communes also participated.

“It was a harmonious experience, we completed the work and made this dream come true,” he emphasized.

Herrera also expressed his gratitude for the delivery of property titles, which guarantees the legal security of these housing solutions. 

In this same order, the beneficiary Eukaris Pérez, stated that she feels blessed by the support that the national, regional and municipal governments have given her family. 

In the same way, Greicy Parra said “today I feel grateful because I already have my house. “I lived with my mother, but thanks to the revolution I have a decent space to live in.”

3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and dining room, make up the homes delivered

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