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Plan for the eradication of foot and mouth disease in Guárico is underway

The first phase of vaccination against this viral disease will end on June 15

Until next June 15, the first phase of vaccination against foot and mouth disease will be activated in the state of Guárico, as part of the launch of the plan for the eradication of this viral disease in the plains entity, reported Governor José Vásquez.

From the Francisco de Miranda municipality (Calabozo), the regional leader said that in the second stage of this planning, small producers who have less than 50 heads of livestock will be served.

Vásquez emphasized that the objective is to motivate and invite the productive sectors to unite, in order to ensure that Venezuela can obtain international certification as a country free of foot and mouth disease, and thus begin to export national livestock.

He indicated that, in the coming days, meetings will be held with small, medium and large producers, in order to evaluate the progress of the vaccination process and livestock breeding in the plains territory.

The Guariqueño ruler took the opportunity to debate and plan the promotion of production together with the peasant and productive forces of the state, noting that the state is ranked number 4 among the first producers of cattle in the country, according to the Government. in a press release.

“We will continue to leverage production for export purposes with the new productive economic model,” he said.

The secretary of the Productive Economy Area in the region, Héctor Vásquez, was present at the activity; the mayor of the entity, Donald Donaire; the representative of the Calabozo Cattlemen's Association, Gastón Landaeta; members of the Venezuelan Foundation of Animal Health Services (Funvessa) and other authorities.

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