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In Guárico they are alert due to an onslaught of intense rains

Authorities and security agencies remain alert to the flooding of the Portuguesa River that borders Camaguán

The governor of the Guárico state, José Vásquez, announced that in the face of the onslaught of rain, security agencies remain on alert to address any event, especially in the south of the entity, with the flooding of the La Portuguesa river, which borders the town of Camaguán.

“The flooding of the La Portuguesa river has been normal. We are attentive and following up with the líderes and spokespersons for the communal councils, in coordination and constant communication with each of the authorities,” said Vásquez.

He indicated that they maintain surveillance over the Guárico River, which crosses the Guariqueña capital, San Juan de los Morros. “This channel has a dimension that overflows in some sections of the road,” he added.

The highest authority of the state highlighted that in recent days, in the region, damage has only been recorded in the Paso Real de Macaira parish of the José Tadeo Monagas municipality, however, the situation has been controlled and various teams remain deployed providing comprehensive care.

“We are very attentive, in permanent work together with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the police forces, Civil Protection, mayors' offices, health and entities assigned to the Government, to be ready for any contingency that may arise,” the governor emphasized.

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