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In Guárico they delivered protein to more than 3 thousand Guayabal families

They distributed a little more than 12 thousand kilograms of chicken in 52 communities belonging to 6 Misiones Bases

In the Guayabal parish of the Guárico state, they delivered protein combos to a total of 3 families, belonging to the census segments of 92 Socialist Mission Bases.

According to the coordinator of the Great Sovereign Supply Mission (GMAS) in the entity, Carmen Villanueva, more than 12 thousand kilograms of chicken were distributed throughout 52 communities.

“Two chickens were distributed per family at subsidized prices, this being support provided to the most vulnerable people to guarantee the main foods of the Venezuelan basic basket,” Villanueva noted.

He pointed out that the delivery is made in the company of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), líderHe is from the streets and members of the PSUV municipal political team.

“A great effort is being made so that our people can continue enjoying the benefits granted by the Bolivarian government,” said Villanueva.

Open-air market served 100 families from San Juan

With the deployment of a popular open-air market, some 100 families from San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, were able to purchase basic foods, vegetables, proteins and groceries at socialist prices.

According to a press release, various institutions were activated in the University Casona to guarantee the people quality products made with national and regional seal, thus promoting food policies in the plains territory.

The beneficiary Carmen Palacios thanked the attention and work in this type of event that protects the social protection of Guariqueños. “It is a wonderful work that the Bolivarian Government carries out together with the CLAP, in order to contribute to the well-being of families,” she said.

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