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In Guárico they build new government spaces together with the people

During the National Higher Body of Housing and Habitat held in Valle de la Pascua, documents and certificates were delivered to the people

In the Guárico state, new management methods and new government spaces are being built to work in favor of the communities, said this Wednesday the sector vice president of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez.

These statements were offered from the meeting of the Higher National Body of Housing and Habitat (Osvnvh) No. 15, held in Valle de la Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality, together with the governor of the entity, José Vásquez and the Minister of Habitat and HousingIldemaro Villarroel.

From there, Menéndez pointed out that "from this moment on, new spaces of government are born here, and this space where urban planning is going to be born is a new space of direct government of our people, that is, when we say Maduro rules, it is because our people rule,” AVN reported.

Furthermore, he highlighted that in this first part of the year 218.000 homes have been built in the entity.

The Minister of Planning, also maintained that it is an action that responds to organized popular power, who is the protagonist and sets the tone in terms of habitat and housing for the Executive.

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Guárico Governorate will be based in Valle de La Pascua

“Maduro asks us, as Chávez did, to face up to where the problems are, where urban planning is lacking, where there are still service problems, where there is still need, where housing still needs to be built, where there is hope and where We are the revolutionaries,” stated the head of Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel.

Likewise, Governor José Vásquez announced that the government will have a headquarters in Valle de la Pascua, where a day of the Love in Action Plan will be held, "with the purpose of continuing to guarantee social protection to the Guariqueño people, not only in the area of of housing but in all areas,” he noted.

During the activity, documents and certificates were delivered to the organized people.

“We continue to strengthen hope towards the good life of popular power! Together with the brother ministers Idelmaro Villarroel and Ricardo Menéndez, we delivered documents and certificates regarding Habitat and Housing, to advance the empowerment of the people,” the governor of Guárico published in his account on the social network X.


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