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HomeGuáricoThe application of asphalt in the streets of Valle de la Pascua advances 

The application of asphalt in the streets of Valle de la Pascua advances 

Through the Infante Te Quiero Plan, 40 tons of asphalt were emptied on Los Tulipanes street

Through the Infante Te Quiero Plan, on Los Tulipanes street in the Guamachal urbanization, located in Valle de la Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality, about 40 tons of asphalt were placed, with the purpose of offering better traffic conditions in the area.

"We seek to generate better road communication throughout Valle de la Pascua and each of its sectors, articulating the improvement with the need to communicate towards the center, east, south and north of the city," reported the mayor of the municipality, Ramón Piñango. .

He explained that these works are concatenated with the optimization of the drinking water and wastewater system, seeking "a comprehensive holistic vision of our Leonardo Infante municipality," he said.

The municipal president pointed out that the mayor's own resources, collected through the tax system, are directed to the execution of works and improvements of public services that benefit the infantine population.

"We seek that the resources that we are capturing through what is taxation, are seen, interpreted and felt by the population," said Piñango.

They paint sidewalks and install street lights in Valle de la Pascua

The team from the Infante Te Quiero Plan traveled to the Rodríguez Chacín community, located in Valle de la Pascua (Infante municipality), where they carried out beautification work, applying paint to sidewalks and curbs, and installing lighting, in order to provide optimal spaces and public lighting to the inhabitants of the point and circle.

In this regard, Miroslava Carpavire, líder of the community, he emphasized "we are grateful for these state policies that have benefited the communities, and in this opportunity to us."

He stressed that the work had the participation of organized popular power, as an initiative and manifestation of the sense of belonging of all members of the collective.

For her part, Maigualida Rengifo, an inhabitant of the sector, commented “today a little love was given to our community both in terms of lighting and beautification of streets and sidewalks. I really feel grateful for taking us into account, for supporting us and being attentive day after day with our sector”.

They replaced 45 meters of sewage pipes

A total of 45 meters of sewage pipes were replaced on the main street of the Padre Chacín urbanization in Valle de la Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality, as part of the plan to improve this service in the llanera entity.

"We are working on a single vision: to recover the quality of life of the communities through improvements in public services," highlighted Mayor Ramón Piñango.

Likewise, Merida Pulido, líder community, highlighted that the works benefit various sectors of the capital city of the municipality, including: Padre Chacín I and II, 4 de Febrero, Gracia de Dios, La Canoa and others. "Thanks to the national, regional and municipal government for bringing happiness to all sectors."

It is important to point out that these actions respond to a request originated by the inhabitants of the area, through the 1×10 system of Good Government.

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