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Streets in the Bicentenario sector in El Sombrero are paved

About 255 tons of asphalt are applied to rehabilitate the streets and guarantee optimal traffic conditions

In the Guárico state, a total of 255 tons of asphalt are being placed by the regional government on the streets of the Bicentenario sector of the El Sombrero parish, Julián Mellado municipality.

According to the Executive Secretariat of Public Works and Services in the region, the main objective of these works is to guarantee the best conditions of passability and safety in the area.

They point out that a complete team and the necessary machinery remain deployed at the site, carrying out the best work to ensure its durability over time, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the community and those who pass through there.

They say that with this asphalting project, not only is the road system of the Llanero municipality strengthened, but it is also consolidating the well-being, progress and comprehensive development of the Sombrero people.

"With these works, the Government of the Guárico state reaffirms its commitment to work tirelessly to achieve the complete paving of all the streets of the regional territory, under a scheme of concrete policies, vision and action," they add.

In contrast, on the Instagram profile of the aforementioned Secretariat there are different publications that demonstrate the road work carried out in other municipalities, among which the paving of the Puerta Negra – Universidad Rómulo Gallegos (Roscio) section stands out. on Trunk 013 section Cují Negro – Tucupido (Ribas) and others.

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