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Housing projects announced for Guárico

During the Higher Housing Body No. 15, Minister Villarroel approved the construction of new homes and the promotion of active works

This Wednesday, the Minister for Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, announced for the Guárico state the construction of 19 new homes in the La Fortaleza urban development in San Juan de los Morros, and another 20 in the Sol del Mediodía urban development in Valle de la Pascua. .

During the Higher National Body of Housing and Habitat (Osnvh) No. 15, held in Valle de la Pascua, Villarroel reported on the start-up plan for the construction of 301 homes of the Assembly Living Venezuelan (AVV) Santa Inés (Leonardo Infante municipality ), 106 from the AVV Nuestra Señora de la Caridad (San Juan de los Morros) and 40 from the AVV La Marisela (Camaguán).

He noted that the last two have received pipes, elastic rings, elbows, frames, culverts and other materials that will lead to the placement of the sewage system.

The minister also activated the construction of 5 homes of the Communal Body of Good Living “Un Nuevo Renacer” in Valle de la Pascua, in addition to another 5 that will be built next to the mayor's office of the same entity, with the 3R.Nets Plan.

Likewise, the head of the Habitat and Housing portfolio specified that various active works in the Hugo Chávez urban planning of the Llanera capital, as well as in the Dr. José Gregorio Hernández de Calabozo urban planning, will be promoted with financing.

“From here we will not stop, we will continue. Little by little, but tireless. We have already laid the first stone of hope,” Villarroel stressed.

For his part, the sectoral vice president of Planning and godfather of the Guárico state, Ricardo Menéndez, declared that the construction of homes and urban planning is the creation of new government spaces in which the people are the protagonist, “that is, where Maduro rules. "The people rule," he added.

At the same time, Governor José Vásquez pointed out that “the sanctions and blockade have caused wounds, but we are clear about our achievements that belong to the people. And we will continue to advance together with the Great Housing Mission in the construction of good living in our state.”

AVV of the Roscio, Infante and Camaguán municipalities participated in the Higher National Housing Body

Delivery of documents and certificates

During the activity, Minister Villarroel delivered a certificate to the mayor of the Leonardo Infante municipality, “which allows it to receive resources and materials for the construction of homes with its machinery and personnel,” he said.

In turn, they delivered Credicomunal to the AVV Nuestra Señora de la Caridad and Juana Ramírez La Avanzadora; 40 urban land titles to the Vallepascuense CTUs La Púa, Cristo Rey and Padre Chacín; multifamily property title to the AVV Dr. Federico Brito Figueroa and the certificates of the start-up plan and geotechnical study to the AVV Santa Inés and La Marisela.

The Vice Minister of Industry for Habitat and Housing, Osmel Mejias, was also present at the event; Mayor Ramón Piñango and part of the regional cabinet.

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