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400 women from rural communities served with a day in Guárico

Gran Misión Venezuela Mujer brought medical-social care to 15 communities in Guayabal

In the Guárico state, more than 400 women from 15 rural communities in the San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipality received free medical-social care, within the framework of the Great Venezuela Women Mission.

The sole health authority in the region, Dr. Rosa Vásquez, said that the operation offered specialized services such as internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, ultrasounds, pediatrics, dentistry, general medicine, dermatology, nutrition, medication delivery and others.

At the same time, the mayor of the entity, Lisbeth Nairoby García, pointed out that this day was held with the sole objective of guaranteeing the best comprehensive care for the women of the municipality.

“It was a very beautiful activity, in which the women were assisted by a great team made up of men and women from the health area, in conjunction with other institutions,” emphasized the local leader.

For her part, the beneficiary Karla Flores thanked the support and attention provided by the national, regional and municipal governments, through these free operations.

“Keep going doing this important social work, here is a people that does not give up and will continue to provide its unrestricted support,” Flores concluded.

Medical day in Lezama

The Health Commission of the mayor's office of the José Tadeo Monagas municipality, carried out a medical assistance day in the La Botanera sector of the San Francisco Javier de Lezama parish, in order to guarantee the people access to quality medical care.

Among the services deployed by health personnel, the following stand out: pediatrics, vaccination, general medicine and free delivery of medications.

In this regard, María Ortuño, Commissioner of Health in the entity, said that "this joint effort, in line with the guidelines of the Bolivarian government, demonstrates the continuous commitment to social protection in every corner of the Monagas municipality."

The Institute of Welfare and Social Assistance for Personnel of the Ministry of Education (Ipasme), the Comprehensive Community Health Area (ASIC), Somos Venezuela, the Directorate of Social Development and the Directorate of Older Adults and People with Disabilities participated in this activity. .

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