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They empty more than 4 thousand tons of asphalt in the productive axis of Portuguesa

On the Guanare-Gato Negro-Morita road, which links the Guanare and Papelón municipalities, Portuguesa state, more than 4 tons of asphalt have been applied, correcting faults that put the removal of sugarcane production corresponding to the region at risk. the 2022-2023 harvest.

The works are being carried out through the Plan Cero Huecos and began last December, in response to the request of the producers of the Río Guanare Irrigation System, who together with other agricultural associations in the southern area of ​​Portuguesa, alerted about the deterioration of the highway and the need to restore it to guarantee the mobilization and grinding of almost one million tons of cane.

The repair is in charge of the Socialist Company of Infrastructure and Services of Portuguesa (Esinsep), attached to the Government, in order to improve transitability in the "sweet axis" of the state, the name by which the area is known due to its highest vocation for the production of cane and for its subsequent transformation into sugar.

The work

With the Zero Holes Plan, more than 900 faults are corrected in the roadway of the Guanare-Gato Negro-Morita road, more than 700 holes are covered, repairs are made to bridges and culverts, and asphalt folders are placed, as reported by the Vice President of Esinsep, Pedro Aguilar, after determining the damage and the work to be carried out.

Both the agro-productive sector and the communities are satisfied, since the works directly benefit the sugarcane growers of Guanare and Papelón, the sugar mills located in the area, and the inhabitants of adjacent hamlets, including Papayito, San Andrés, Sabana Dulce. , Los Cocos and Paso de Flores.  

According to producer Alexánder Pérez, with the Plan Cero Huecos, sugarcane growers are being guaranteed the harvest and progress is being made in "the transformation of this important agricultural route, which for years was deteriorated and today is being fixed with deeds and not words." ”.

They supervise emptying of asphalt

The works that are being carried out on the Guanare-Gato Negro-Morita highway are permanently supervised by Governor Primitivo Cedeño, who in each inspection highlights the importance of this work both for the inhabitants of the area and for the sugar sector, which also of vast sugarcane plantations, it also has three mills on the Guanare-Papelón axis.

The regional president assures that he will deliver a rehabilitated highway to the producers, to continue supporting from Portuguesa the production and processing of the food that is massively consumed by the Venezuelan people.

They repair another road in the dairy area 

In the Papelón municipality, the repair of 2,5 kilometers of road in the Las Crucecitas sector also began, whose economy revolves around milk production, the result of the intense livestock activity that takes place there.

The mayor's office and the agricultural producers of the area join efforts to recover a stretch that is vital for the entry of inputs to the field and for the mobilization of dairy production.

Francisco Ipolitto, mayor of Papelón, reported that the works are being carried out with resources that enter the municipality through the Treasury Department, and in alliance with the productive sector, so that farmers can maximize the productivity of the herd and more easily remove milk production.

He specified that the restoration of rural roads in Las Crucecitas and other areas of the jurisdiction is a priority task for the municipal government, given the productive vocation of Papelón, which together with the Guanarito municipality forms the livestock axis of Portuguesa and together with Guanare the axis where the largest production of sugar cane in the state is concentrated.

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