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Early warning systems active in Táchira in the face of rain

The saturation of the soil due to the accumulation of water generates mass displacement in several municipalities of the state of Táchira

The Early Warning System has been activated in all the 29 municipalities of the state of Táchira, due to the latest rainfall that has been generated in the Andean entity, as reported by Yesnardo Canal, director of Civil Protection.

He indicated that the rains generated during the early hours of Monday, recorded between 45 to 55 square meters per minute of water, a situation that has generated the saturation of the soil and causes the displacement of mass (landslides) in several municipalities.

One of the damages took place on the main road between the municipality of San Cristóbal and Junín, the landslide near Tononó blocked the vehicular passage between Rubio and the capital of Táchira, after the heavy rains recorded.

With backhoes and other types of machinery, personnel from the infrastructure cabinet were activated, with tasks to remove the material exposed in the asphalt layer.

“200 cubic meters of sediment were slid onto the road in the early morning hours, preventing the circulation of vehicles through that area, which was cleared at noon,” Canal explained.

The work carried out includes cleaning, removal of rocky material and sediment, maintenance of ditches, a cut is also made to give stability to the slope that slid and prevent other landslides.

In the area of ​​La Castra, in San Cristóbal, flooding was recorded due to the breakage of a dam. Tree falls were also recorded on 19 de Abril Avenue.

Canal explained that they are very attentive in the vulnerable and georeferenced areas by Civil Protection, with constant monitoring of the community rain gauges and the Aurora weather stations, delivered by Inameh.

Roads in Chorro el Indio clear

Workers from the San Cristóbal mayor's office restored traffic in the Chorro El Indio and La Blanca sectors with road maintenance works, carried out with heavy machinery, to clear sediment and rock material that partially obstructs the road due to heavy rains.

With these tasks, the municipality guaranteed vehicular passage to the inhabitants and visitors of this tourist area declared a national park and considered a vegetal lung for the capital of Táchira and surrounding municipalities.

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