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Saime ready to activate services at the Venezuelan consulate in Colombia

The General Director of the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime), Gustavo Vizcaíno, reported this Thursday that the Venezuelan consulate in Colombia will again have identification services, after four years of having closed its doors and once diplomatic relations are restored.

"We are ready to start, we have the teams that were in the embassy ready, awaiting instructions from our President Nicolás Maduro," said Vizcaíno.

In a press release published on the instagram account of the identifying entity @redsocialsaime The Director General pointed out that the identifying entity is prepared to provide all the support to Venezuelans who live in Colombia.

appointment reassignment

About the process appointment reassignment Vizcaíno indicated that since July 18 they have been reassigning appointments to process travel documents.

He explained that "due to the failures in the system on June 21, generated by the sanctions imposed by the North American empire on the Venezuelan people, our platform was affected."

Advance appointments in cases of emergency

He also explained that they are making advance appointments for passport applications and extensions, as long as it is strictly an emergency.

In this regard, he said that the user must go with a statement of reasons to the Citizen Service office at the Saime headquarters in Caracas, where the case will be studied.

He indicated that Saime has the support of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and that with the new system, the data of the Venezuelan population is guaranteed.

He highlighted that independence has been achieved in the identification service due to a new license and hardware as well as a Venezuelan technical team with great knowledge in the matter.

Passports sent to nationals in Chile

On the other hand, Vizcaino clarified that to date all travel documents have been sent to Chile.

"The last bag was sent on July 07 and those corresponding to the month of August are pending."

In the same way, he mentioned that all the travel documents have been delivered and recalled that in Chile there is a demand of more than 80 thousand nationals and that they are looking for an alternative to speed up the process.

He also stressed that Chile has a delivery system, which the person must agree to through the system, enter their data and request an appointment to pick up their passport.


  1. Good afternoon, Honorable Mr. Vizcaíno.
    How do I renew my passport from Colombia, which is already expired?
    I thank you for your answer.
    Best regards.

  2. Hello . They promised me to return 200 that I paid twice because the 2st did not appear. payment. then bring the receipts. I already received my passport. I hope with faith. Thanks . CI 1

  3. Mr. Vizcaino, good evening, I have a problem. I already paid a year ago for my passport and I get that I have to pay again for the Peruvian consulate and this is the date and they don't give me an answer at all. I would like you to help me because it is very urgent to be able to travel

  4. Mr. Viscaino, I have my granddaughter, she took out her identity card in La Victoria, Edo, Aragua, 3 years ago, and her number does not register. I am not tired of going and coming from Saime La Victoria, and I have no answer. What solution can you give me?

  5. Mr. Vizcaíno, I have a friend who canceled the amount of the passport twice, because when doing it on the first attempt, the system crashed and the response was cancel again. A scam who answers Doris Da Silva?

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