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They recover trunks that connect Lara with the Zulian region and the Llanos

The works are framed within the National Asphalt Plan that is carried out with the support of popular power.

The governor of the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), Adolfo Pereira, reported that the development of the rehabilitation plan for trunks one and four, which connect his entity with the region of Zulia (Maracaibo) and the Venezuelan Llanos, is going well. respectively.

Regarding the National Asphalt Plan, he specified that on Trunk 4 that runs from the La Lucía bridge, located on the borders between the states of Lara and Portuguesa (Guanare), 2.200 tons of asphalt have been placed so far in the month of May of the year. in progress.

In a second phase, it will be completed with the emptying of 1.500 more tons, seeking to consolidate the road that connects the capital of the Palavecino municipality (Cabudare) to the La Lucía bridge.

These works to beautify land communication routes also include improvements in signaling systems, demarcation with the application of road markings (cat's eyes) and defenses, according to established standards.

On the other hand, on the road known as Lara – Zulia, which otherwise is Trunk 1, rehabilitation work is also being carried out, with the local participation of the Lara Bella y Segura Foundation, as well as the state Road Institute. Lara (Invilara).

“Here (referring to Lara-Zulia) the resources that each citizen pays at the tolls are allocated, that is, the roads in the state of Lara are improved and we have safer roads,” said Pereira.

On trunk one, which also directs users of the Lara highways to the state of Trujillo (Trujillo), 500 tons of asphalt have been emptied during the first phase.

It should be noted that the execution of the National Asphalt Plan is improving roads and guaranteeing the well-being of drivers, counting on the technical advice of the Transportation portfolio, whose talent is assigned to the state of Lara.

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